Friday, April 1, 2011

Are they colour blocking in LA?

I was asked this salient question just today, by my Wondertwin (so named by TLOML because of the remarkable similarity in our opinions).

Clothes are such a big part of our relationship that when we feature in each other's dreams, we always remember to tell each other what we were wearing. As in 'I had a dream last night and you were wearing this amazing red and white stripey top with a peppermint green collar'. The typical response is 'Oh I would love a top like that!', because the clothes we imagine for each other are always just jaunty and perfect. True friends dream each other in great clothes.

Anyway, back to the question she posed. The short answer is, no. Not intentionally anyway. To the extent that sunwashed yellows are part of the SoCal beachy chic wardrobe, yes. But those bright clashes that are so hot right now in NY and London? No. Nor will they be colour blocking in LA until summer 2012, I predict.

Trends that are huge in London seem to hit LA a year or two later, and are immediately dialled down. It's like they took all the hard edgy stuff from NY and put it in the washing machine with some pebbles. I absolutely love LA style, the proliferation of soft jersey and cut offs, the washed out, beaten up, Venice Beach look. And I have met many chic and stylish women out here who'd hold their own in any fashion capital. Still, it's a lot more laid back, and that's the crucial difference. Sure, you see some cute grown up dresses and some high high heels but not usually together.
Ah, it's been nice living in chinos, shorts, and plaid shirts. Like so many things about the Left Coast, I have been surprised by how easily I assimilated. Always thought I was the urban type, but my blissful year in Malibu says different. Let's hope I cope with the bright lights of the big city.

Truth be told I'm a little nervous about returning to a city where the new cool is outmoded in minutes. My Malibu uniform of  jeans, a slouchy tee and heels just won't cut it. The last time TLOML and I were out at Pulino, I dressed for a neighbourhood Italian, in a very Californian way, and was surrounded by girls in actual dresses. The shame!

As my Wondertwin said, 'what a great opportunity to raise your game.' I will grasp the opportunity.

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