Saturday, April 2, 2011

Farewell City of Angels

Besides the people who made it so easy to be here, and made it so hard to leave, the three things I will miss most about Los Angeles are:

The silliness. LA is not the smartest city in the States. Although some very smart people live here – only a genius could make money out of bobbins like Just Go With It, to name just one example.

Still, in the main it is a city that welcomes the dumb and the beautiful. Hence the need for a ‘tsunami evacuation route’ sign: that’s right, a ‘tsunami evacution route’ sign on the beach, pointing away from the sea. No kidding.
<<SEA           AVOIDING SEA>>
 To sum up the silliness, here’s a clip from the truest film ever made about LA:

Okay, two clips because I coudn't resist SanDeE with a star and a heart.

The smiles. I know they don’t necessarily mean it. I know they may only be smiling because they hope I might be a bigshot producer and / or leave a big tip. Or because they're kinda dumb. I don’t care! That sunny SoCal sensibility, sincere or stoopid or otherwise, is really just very pleasant to be around.

Having to wear sunscreen all year round. Simple pleasure that, one that makes me happy every day.

...And the one thing I won’t: The 405 / 10 intersection.


  1. Ha you beat me to it! I crack up every time I see one of those tsunami evacuation signs. No shit Sherlock run away from the big wave...

  2. I wrote this entry with you in mind: just know you too will come to love the silliness and smiles and sun. AND you will find many more examples of the no shit sherlock kinda signs...