Thursday, March 31, 2011

Malibu is killing me

Is it just because I'm leaving tomorrow? The sky is so blue today, and the sea so sparkly. It hurts!

Besides the obvious allround gorgeousness of the place, here are some other Malibu moments I will miss:

Saying, ‘there goes Cher, off to do her shopping’ every time a helicopter goes past. Several times a week, and my quip still hasn’t got old.
Pepperdine: quite a nice place to jog

The amazing fitness regime TLOML and I have developed: a workout at Pepperdine and a sushi dinner. Mind you, judging by last night’s (unrequested, I promise!) dessert, maybe we had been spending too much time in our local sushi joint. They’ll miss saying ‘Oh, we’ve got something special for you tonight’ when we walk in, and pulling out some exorbitantly priced, still living, sea creature. The way to TLOML’s heart. and and the large checks you frequently present us with...

Predicting which neighbour’s house will fall into the sea first.

The sheer comedy value of watching TLOML secure our perimeter, wielding a large water pistol at the passing seagulls. The range is just a smidge short, but that doesn’t stop him making like a crazy old man and throwing elbows at them between rounds of water fire. Most entertaining.
Anti-seagull weaponry. Poised and ready.

And yes, the all round gorgeousness of the place. The constantly changing colour of the sea and sky, and the way Santa Monica and Catalina appear through mist then disappear. The moon beating a silver path across the water to our deck. It sure is purdy.

To take the edge of my parting woe, I will remind myself of two things I will not miss about Malibu.
1. The dirty looking checkout lady at Ralph's who shouts 'Rosie! I need a pee!' while processing our purchases.
2. Jackasses driving their jackwagons like jacktards, clogging up our li'l street.

Yeah, doesn't really take the edge off much at all. I'll take the jackasses, just give me my beach! NY has a lot to live up to...

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