Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have pillow, can travel

Heading to LAX. Musing. What is this trend for getting onto a plane as if one were getting into bed? Okay, for a long flight, if you're flying coach, I suppose you might want one of those neckpillow things. At a push. But do you need to travel in your actual pyjamas? It's madness. Surely that's what Pajama Jeans were invented for? Or, indeed, actual jeans. I'm firmly of the belief that brushed flannel PJs are indoor clothes.

And those women who carry big bed pillows with them... yes, you, waiting to board the 2 hour flight to Denver... come on! Can't you just sit in a chair for 2 hours like a regular person?!

How about the people who buy a great big dirty Macmeal and scarf it, slobbering away, and leave the smelly carton and napkins squished in the seatback pocket for the remainder of the flight. Eat stinky junk food at your peril if I am nearby. I will order the United 'Lite (sic) Snack Pack' and unleash the aroma of tinned tuna to passengers as far as the eye can see. Ha!

Oh dear, I feel my travel-induced misanthropy setting in. Deep breaths Isadora, deep breaths.

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