Tuesday, March 22, 2011


On Sunday we dined at the wonderful Pace's Supper Club. Everything was, of course, delicious. And seasonal and local and cooked with love. And accompanied by the lovely strummin' and a-singin' of him out of Truth and Salvage, my new favourite band. That's just what you come to expect from Pace's Supper Club.

I especially liked the toasted hazelnuts in the cavallo nero. I jolly well love hazelnuts, especially with anything dark green and leafy. It's a rare chef that puts them in with the dark green leaves (I suspect because it takes quite a lot of hazelnuts to be noticed, but hey, understatement has its own charm, no?). Whenever someone does it, I think 'I really must buy hazelnuts and start putting them in salads... or with spinach... or even with cabbage'. But then I forget*.

And I bloody loved the deviled eggs. Pace's were all fancy and came from happy hens and topped with Oregn's finest Transmontanus caviar. Posh, eh?

I love not only eating deviled eggs but also deviling them up myself. TLOML and I had them as starters at a couple of R+D and then at Bar Marmont in the past couple of months, so I suspect they are having a moment. They're the new roast sprouts.

So much did TLOML and I enjoy our fashionable eggs that I decided to make them for the first time on a date night (for which read: 'let's pretend we're being thrifty by staying home and cooking an elaborate $100 bouillabaise accompanied by enough Schramsberg to sink a weaker drinker). I had never made them before and although the basic premise seemed simple enough, I thought it was worth checking a recipe online. I landed on www.deviledeggs.com. Where else?

This is truly the most comprehensive deviled eggs website out there. (I assume there are others.)  It contains many many many recipes for deviled eggs. Which is sort of crazy as they are all exactly the same except for the bit after 'scoop the yolk out', and before 'put it back inside the white' where she tells you what to mash into the egg yolk. Yeah, steps 1 through 4, and 5 are pretty much a cut and paste job I guess.

Kind of sweet though, as it is clearly this lady's calling to evangelize, educate and just generally spread devilled egg love across the interweb. She has a section on the history of the deviled egg! She also claims to have 'regular visitors'. Which made me snicker the first time but actually, I've been back to the site twice since, so perhaps I am one.

FYI after I read the first 3 recipes I decided not to worry too much about Mrs Devilled Eggs.com and just wing it. Garam masala was a good addition, horseradish not so much, and the anchovy and paprika ones were the most popular of all. None came close to Pace's though!

*Now I've held the hazelnut thought in my head for two whole days, I almost think this time I could act on it before I forget.
Sadly however we are not buying store cupboard items so much as trying to dispatch them to the Euro. It's very convenient of her to move to LA within a week of our planned departure. 'Rusty bike, need it...? 7 mismatched wine glasses...? How about this dying hydrangea...?'
I suspect she will arrive with only the mongrel Louis Vuitton bag full of Louboutins and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot to her name, so she'll be glad of our stuff. Until her first jaunt down Abbot Kinney, when she replaces the lot with something far more fabulous. Her loss will be Goodwill's gain.


  1. Where is dissertation about my weenies???

  2. Damn those weenie weiners were good! Full disclosure to follow...

  3. A review of devilledeggs.com from my dear foodie friend Rosie: ".. it is eggstraordinary! But shrimp and olive deviled eggs makes me want to barf". Quite.