Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The conference call of a thousand cuts

I should probably qualify that headline. The call itself was not about, or subject to, any cuts. The call was simply rumbling along in the background - ah the joys of a speakerphone on mute - while I did some wardrobe analysis.

Hence the thousand cuts.

In New York we will be living in an apartment that is, in its entirety, roughly the size of our total Malibu closet space. TLOML is saying things like 'I'm just going to Goodwill all my clothes except two pairs of jeans and two tshirts'.

I am making weak promises like 'I'll pack everything really neatly! I'll rent a storage space nearby!'. I hate getting rid of clothes. I rarely do it, and the odd time that I do, I inevitably rue that day when, two years later, the unlikeliest trend revives and I find myself hunting for that pair of M&S 'gardening trousers' in bright turquoise. God I miss those trousers.

But despite my dread of disposing of something dreadful I later realise is amazing - I have to admit it was probably time for a few wardrobe cuts to be made. So during the course of another long boring teleconference I set about it. As usual in these forays into the closet depths I rediscovered some long-forgotten gems. Hello red leather obi-style belt! Hello gold sparkly vest I have owned since I was 16!

And goodbye, jeans I fitted into for one brief summer after a bout of food poisoning.

Here are the results. Do you think TLOML will be pleased?

Coming to NYC

Well, I'm hardly not going to take my hi-tops, am I?

Yes, all 175 tops. And yes, I'll need all 3 grey cardies. And the magician's jacket.

Also coming for spring in NY

Some vital colour blocking t-shirts in this section

All the belts are coming

And the scarves

Also coming to NY for our 6 mths sojourn: the furry hat, in case of a cold snap, and several bikinis in case of a heat wave.

Dresses. Coming to NYC.

Capsule outerwear. Coming to NYC.
Going to LA Goodwill.

Harumph. Probably not. Heigh ho. We're off to Nobu for the first of what will undoubtedly be many 'farewell' dinners. In fact we're going with 2 of our fave LA friends on Friday, so we thought we'd go tonight to 'save the phone call' to book that table. Yup, we're in trouble, in the middle of an official thrift kick and going to Nobu to save on phone bills....


  1. Based on the title of this article, I thought this missive was going to be an assult on superfluous, soul-killing, sphincter-clinching conference calls. But outline the treatment, nay, the cure for the aforementioned horror. Closet cleaning! Well done, love.

  2. Don't move!!!!!!!