Monday, October 6, 2014

Hard copies of Vogue

I've been saving my Vogues for years. Not every edition - although I did used to buy it every single month. Just the big 'International Collection' reports with the most fabulous fashion stories in, from March and September. Oh, and the odd December issue. And any with Kate Moss on the cover. So you see it's a carefully curated collection of Vogues.

TLOML teased me for it, when we moved back to the UK and he came to know that I had kept them in storage for years, and that I planned to dust them off and put them back on my bookcase.

I saved them because they are beautiful. And because one day I might have a daughter who'd love to flick through old fashion magazines. Even in my carefree, single, 'I'll probably never settle down and have kids' years, I kept my the International Collection Vogues for my future daughter.

I used to love looking through my mum's old knitting patterns, and poking fun at the silly clothes people used to wear. I also endured a full blown addiction to Elle and Vogue throughout my teenage years. So on the basis that I might one day have a daughter, or a son who loves fashion, I saved them.

TLOML has made a strong argument for the fact that online archives are now available with every fashion photo ever taken. But to my mind there's nothing like the sensory pleasure of holding a magazine, flicking through the pages, the scent of printer's ink on paper. So I ignore the internet and keep my antiquated paper versions safe and sound at home.

Now I don't buy Vogue so often. Sometimes I even forget fashion exists, for whole weeks at a time. That's beach living for you. But at the airport recently I found myself browsing this shelf looking for a little unchallenging flight fodder:
On the rare occasion I read a magazine these days, I like it to be really easy to read
I was jolted by the sight of September Vogue, thick as a phone book (remember them?) and glossy and beautiful. It weighs more than my laptop and didn't fit in my case. But Lady P might want to read it one day.

So, reader, I bought it.

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