Thursday, October 23, 2014

On glamorous parties (and the kind of people you rarely see in Hermosa Beach)

TLOML and I left the bubble last night. We went to a glamorous launch party in Beverly Hills. It was pretty high octane. January Jones and Camille Belle were (paid to be) there. There were canapes by Bouchon, bellinis by Cipriani, and a heck of a lot of plastic surgery. Many heavily made up girls (and some guys) squealing in delight at each other/ their reflections / selfies.

Also some beautiful and expensive clothes. I enjoy spotting fancy pants clothes, otherwise seen only in Vogue, in the flesh. Edgy designer wear is obviously a pretty common sight in London and New York but rarely seen on the streets of Hermosa. I was all a-flutter. 'Ooh, that's this season's Stella McCartney', I murmured to TLOML, who sadly wasn't remotely interested. And he had no answer to my 'Are people still wearing Tod's?' question, either.

So I thought I'd share some sartorial highlights with you, dear reader, instead.

In the interests of not looking like I was taking photos, I had to pretend I was texting, so mainly captured floor shots. But as this outstanding Tumblr account dedicated to the jeans-and-shoes phenomenon makes clear, those can be the best kind. (Thanks to Lady P's godfather, professional gambler and curator of web-bobbins for showing me the way to this internet treat).
Sharp shoes, no socks. This is a man who drives everywhere.

I'm guessing she's not walking far either. Ouch.

Slightly drunk lady swaying near a man who's half beach, half business

Beautiful model-turned-actress type walks past several admirin men in pointy leather shoes. Textbook Beverly Hills party scenario.

Excuse the strange colours. I think there was some kind of show going on. Of course I was too busy snapping shoes and scoffing at the Beverly Hills types to watch it.

On reflection, perhaps it's for the best we don't get out of the Hermosa bubble too often, I'm not sure I handle the excitement too well. And for the record, as I type this, I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and no shoes at all. Beverly Hills is fun but I like the beach life best of all.


  1. Am I the only one dying to know what you two wore to this soiree?

  2. Julie - we were dressed in an insouciant and not-very-B-Hills blend of high street and market stall... A dash of 2010 Banana Republic, a little something from the Williamsburg Flea Market, a treasure from the 2012 Next winter sale, and an old favourite jacket from Camden Market. Oh, and very comfortable shoes.