Thursday, October 16, 2014

Voting like a Californian

It's official! I'm a Californian now. Not only do I have a Californian Drivers' License, I get to vote here too. I was pretty excited when this pack arrived, outlining my options at the elections in a couple of weeks.

I opened it eagerly, ready to scour the pages for a Green Party candidate. I soon realized there really are only two parties in this great nation.

Ah well, that makes the voting somewhat simpler I suppose (although I promise to do due diligence and read all the candidate statements before voting along party lines).

Speaking of due diligence, and making thoughtful voting decisions, how about these State Measures?
These propositions appear on election ballot papers as part of a long and not-very-glorious history of direct democracy in the golden state. Previous propositions put to the vote have included provision  of school funding, the legalization of gay marriage, and of course, the establishment of non-partisan blanket primaries in place of closed primaries.

Wait, what? That sounds complicated. And this year we get to vote on whether to extend parks funding, build a new school in Hermosa, and require doctors to undergo drugs testing. I'm just not sure I'm qualified. Is anyone?

After all, don't we vote for politicians so they can do the deep thinking and careful analysis on these issues, and have all the sleepless nights along with it? I was sold on the benefits of the California lifestyle, but now I know the responsibility that comes along with it, I'm not quite so keen.

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