Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween again and this year it's bigger than ever

It's that time of year again. Time for Americans to go nuts for Halloween and me to write a post about it.

After a few years of living in America and / or with an American, I'm getting on board with the Halloween fever. Last year TLOML dressed Lady P as Yoda and I thought it was brilliant. We had a pumpkin lantern on the front door step and I was good with that too.

So this year I put some thought into Lady P's costume, and we even got a pumpkin patch trip in, to make sure we were well furnished.

And yet... it looks like I'm going to be running to catch up here in Hermosa Beach. Does Halloween get bigger every year, or have we just moved somewhere they are really into it?

Either way - look:
One of several houses on our street with gravestones in the front yard

Massive spider webs are popular

If in doubt, cobwebs, spiders, and pumpkins on every available surface are a good optoin

These spiders are each bigger than Lady P

Just a little light ghoulishness
And now, look:
Just when I thought I'd cracked Halloween, I feel we still have some way to go.

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