Saturday, November 1, 2014

My first Halloween

I don't count the ones before I moved to the US, for obvious reasons. Or the ones when I lived in the US but was not in the same place as TLOML, because I never went to a Halloween party without him. And home alone, no-one really trick-or-treated our apartment in Malibu or Manhattan, or Fox Corner. Last year was my first chance to do the whole 'baby in a cute costume' thing, and I was out of town.

So I consider 2014, here in Hermosa Beach, my first proper Halloween. And I loved it.

Lady P went as a cat. A little unimaginative I know,  but she does a great 'miaou'. She also incorporates the  straight arm wave of the lucky cat in the window of Thai Top...

...and a strange yawn, I think because cats in books are often yawning.
Add these interpretive elements to Lady P's costume, and take off the ears and tail (as she did) and it's a rather nuanced portrayal of a cat. Still, she had a good cat face, a clear 'miaou' and clearly had no idea why we kept insisting on dressing her up as a cat. She was in costume for storytime at the library, and for her music 'class', so by the time actual trick or treating came around the costume was a little worn but the routine and the face paint were well rehearsed.

We stocked up big on sour candies, lit our pumpkins and headed out to meet up with our neighbours. 

In the assembled gaggle, there was a kid dressed as a banana, a ladybird, a couple of super heroes, and a 9 year old boy dressed as a pretty cheerleader, blonde wig and all. Oh, and TLOML in his Elvis costume. Not at all embarrassed to be the only adult in costume. And rightly so.

After a little neighbourly chilli, we three headed out and hit up about five houses on our block. Nice way to meet the neighbours (and judge them for the quality of their treats and costumes).
Then we headed home to hand out candy to the gangs of costumed kids. They really make an effort around here, and I like that. I also like how many people were out and about, trick or treating. I guess this is how Halloween is meant to be. And I like it.

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