Thursday, November 6, 2014

Home Alone

He's gone again. Gallivanting around Argentina leaving me holding the baby. Not literally - she's too squirmy these days - but metaphorically.

Such is the gilt TLOML feels about taking a trip, and so attached is he to me and to Lady P, that he has kept this one short. He left at 4am Tuesday and gets home at 12noon on Saturday. Which is a brutal 40 hours of travel for 3 days in the office.

I appreciate him keeping the trip as brief as possible. Being sole parent is tiring. There's no-one to nudge when she wakes up at 6.45am. And when the diaper genie looks almost full, there's no solace in the 'squish another one in and let the next person deal with it' option.

Plus it's boring. No-one to make me a gin and tonic at the end of the day, no-one to cook and savour a good dinner with, and no-one to chat to in the office.

Still, in the boredom is a mine of productive energy. By the time TLOML had been gone for less than 24 hours, I had cleared out our clobber by the door, and my baking drawer. Yes, it needed it...

Also I completed my seasonal wardrobe change. Actually that's a bit redundant here, I'm not sure I'll really need those fur lined boots, and I didn't dare pack all my sandals away. Still, I did a wardrobe tidy up that was long overdue. I also managed to get through a couple of episodes of that great Girls' Night In treasure, the Gilmour Girls.

He's been gone now for two full days and two evenings and I'm almost at the end of Season 2 of Nashville. I've reorganized Lady P's wardrobe, and all her toys, and created a new dressing up box for her. Oh, and mended all the broken flaps on one of her many tattered Maisy books.

I have just under two days left of going solo. And there's no doubt I'll be happy when TLOML is home. But if he were to stay away another week who's to say what other miracles I might accomplish. Or what other trash TV I might get through. Hmmm. On that note... hurry home TLOML and save me from myself!

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