Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Thanksgiving, and we're going nowhere

It's about this time of year that TLOML and I start talking about our next move.
Happy spinsterdom, in my old pad

Five years ago, I had just moved out of my little London garden flat and into TLOML's bachelor pad in LA. We were looking for a place in Malibu, so we could enjoy a few months on the beach before moving back to London sometime in 2010.

Four years ago, we were blissfully happy in Malibu, but knew the beach life was not forever. We were working on a move to Manhattan early in 2011, as a sort of stepping stone for a few months, on route to London. The great journey East was finally about to get underway.

Three years ago we were making the most of our New York base (with jaunts to Jamaica, Florida and Argentina and a bucket list of things to do), before we moved back to London in January 2012

And two years ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in London, with a big baby bump and much talk of spending a few months of maternity leave in Saltburn in 2013. Before moving back to London for good. (Yes, that return to London is a recurring theme.)

This time last year I had just enjoyed my nephews' birthday party, a few doors down from our house. Lady P was giggling and gurgling and crawling. And we had ordered the largest turkey Saltburn had ever seen, for a big Thanksgiving dinner we were hosting. There was a poignancy to our celebrations, the first and last we'd have in Saltburn. For we were already planning our next move, the return to California. We were debating San Francisco vs Los Angeles, and working on securing my visa.

And this year? It's the first time we'll celebrate Thanksgiving in a town where we might actually stick around for another Thanksgiving - and who knows how many more. The first November we haven't been planning a move since 2009.
The Sugar Cube: a place to stay awhile
And for that, I am truly thankful.

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