Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A resort for cheapskates and romantics and those who are both

TLOML and I were surprised that we weren't the only Aveda freeloaders at The Caves.

When we checked in, TLOML asked the nice front desk lady 'How many people do you see coming through here with the Aveda points?' (with a wry smile that said 'We know we're a rare breed').

'Of the three parties who checked in today,' she said, 'You're all with Aveda'.

So the good news is, I'm not the only person who spends that much on Aveda. In fact it's very common. Phew. The other good news is that picking out the other Aveda freeloaders provided hours of entertainment.

This was a relief because there really was very little to do. Magazines to flip through, turquoise water to swim in, rum to sip and lounge beds to lounge on. The ongoing drama of our Gin Rummy series (he's beating me about 30 games to 10 so far) could only occupy us so far.

We quickly ruled out the couple celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. And the pair who we guessed, by her fluffy white 'bride on tour' flipflops, were honeymooners. But the crunchy looking girl from Colorado, who was holidaying with her mother was surely a candidate. We speculated for half a day.

That night at the bar, emboldened by his second Blackwell rum, TLOML ventured to enquire, 'if you don't mind me asking, are you...' (and he lowered his voice to a whisper, so as not to offend those money splashing honeymooners) ' with Aveda?'

Bingo! She was. Which left one other couple to be identified. We ruled out the couple on their first wedding anniversary. Then we narrowed it down to the triathlete and her husband, or the two middle aged ladies. As neither couple ever appeared in the bar, after that second (or third) Blackwell rum, we never found out.

I felt a little bad for the honeymoon and anniversary celebrants. We had just exactly as romantic a time as them. Only for free. Which makes it even more special to these two lovebirds: we have a wedding to save for after all, so thrift is the ultimate in romance.

We hope to return to The Caves one day. We'd like to go tomorrow. But otherwise, once I've saved my points for another two or three years, will be good enough.

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