Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our freebie holiday

You know you might have spent too much money at Aveda when you have earned enough points for a free Jamaican holiday.

I like Aveda, because of they use wind power to make their products, and give you liquorice tea while you shop. Oh, and the stuff they make is pretty good too. I keep shopping there because of their loyalty scheme. When I was a singleton in London I used to earn enough Aveda points to get a free haircut two or three times a year.

A few days after I moved in with TLOML we went to the Beverly Center (LA's ugliest, yet extremely useful, mall) to stock up Aveda. TLOML saw the loyalty scheme ad with a picture of the spa in Negril, and immediately challenged me. Why was I throwing my points away on free haircuts when I could be saving for Jamaica?

I knew he was right - as he annoyingly is about so much. I immediately focussed on the bigger prize. I marked double points days in my calendar, and bought six months worth of shampoo at a time. TLOML converted to Aveda hair products. Aveda became our fallback for gift buying. It was like a very focussed, middle class version of 'Extreme Couponing'.

And now... two years later, we have made it. Four nights in a cliffside spa in Negril, Jamaica. With air miles covering half our flights, and Aveda taking care of the hotel, it's pretty much a free holiday. Though as I said, I wonder if I may have spent rather more than I needed to on shampoo in order to get it.

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