Thursday, November 17, 2011


On the escalator today my eyes were at butt level with a man wearing Ameripride jeans. I googled it. It's a clothing company making durable, practical clothes - not exactly fashion denim, but the hardworking kind. It's also a brand people actually wear, in their own time.

Can you imagine a Britipride brand? I'm not talking about that 'cool Britannia', ironic, Ted Baker stuff. I mean pure, honest, patriotic denim. No, me neither.

I think as a Brit I'm typically neutral on patriotism. I'm happy that I'm British, and I'm proud of stuff like the NHS and the Lake District. But I wouldn't exactly go about wearing a Union Jack on my chest or a 'British Pride!' on my bottom. I leave that for the Barmy Army and the types who hang St George's flags on their houses during the World Cup.
Yes, there's definitely something slightly unappealing about British (or English) patriotism. Which makes the American version so refreshing. It's nice to be surrounded by people who are simply proud of their country, in an unironic way. And people who wear an American flag without suggesting they might glass you if you look at them funny.

I'm not rushing out and buying my Ameripride jeans just yet, but I applaud those who do.

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