Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dairy Queen... off the list

The highlight for me of my recent trip to Atlanta was that I finally got to visit a Dairy Queen.

There were no DQs in LA so far as I know. And I have never seen one yet in NYC either. I have wanted to visit one since I saw this ad.

I know, it's kind of stupid. But there's something about kittens in bubbles that just speaks to me.

But it wasn't till I saw  Waiting for Guffman and heard about the blizzard that I got really interested. Parker Posey, as Libby Mae Brown, talks up those blizzards like nothing else.

I can't find a video of her brilliant DQ monologue anywhere, but here's what she says: 'I been workin' here at the D.Q. for about, um... eight months? Seven? I don't know, somethin' like that, it's fun. Just do the cones... make sundaes, make Blizzards, 'n... put stuff on 'em, 'n... see a lot of people come in, a lot of people come to the D.Q... burgers... ice cream... anything, you know? Cokes... just drive in and get a Coke, if you're thirsty.
Imagine my delight when I saw a DQ in the basement of the Peachtree Center Mall. Next to a Chick-fil-A, naturally. I had the blizzard of the month. Obviously. It had peanuts, marshmallow and caramel, all blizzarded up with icecream. It was good.
So that's one less thing on the 'Things to do in America' bucket list (more on that later...)

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