Thursday, November 3, 2011

When the cat's away...

...this little mouse can play! When TLOML is away I can do whatever the heck I jolly well want.

I can stack the dishwasher in a space-inefficient manner.
Look at those big gaps, and everything all wonky! He'd go nuts!
I can experiment endlessly with meat-free salads.

Monday lunch: hazel-nut-tastic
On reflection, that was about 8 hazelnuts too many
Lunch on Tuesday: the genius addition of blackberries.
By about 2pm Monday he would be scouring the fridge for 'lunch meats'. But as for me, well, I'm thinking tonight I'll skip the blackberries and have little chopped dates instead. Yes, that's the same salad concept taking me through the week...

I can watch endless episodes of Sex and the City. And Caprica, though maybe I shouldn't shout too loudly about that one. HBO historical miniseries, Fame, and The Wonder Years, oh really just any old bobbins I choose.

Bartenders give me their number. (I promise I was wearing my ring. I'm sure he was just being friendly.) That never happens when TLOML is at my side, for some reason.

I can schlep about in sweats and not worry that the romance has gone. Don't get me wrong, I schlep about in sweats anyway but when TLOML is away it is worry-free.

And the list goes on...

Yes, I certainly do have a lovely, self-indulgent time when TLOML goes away.

So why do I miss him so jolly much? I'm so bored and just a little lonely without him here. I'm so beyond ready for him to come home, I am already planning what to cook for his return. I am literally going to spend the next 3 days planning Sunday night's dinner. Hurry home TLOML!

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