Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Fall tableau at Rabbit Hutch Towers

Barely a week after the spooky Hallowe'en display was removed, this creation has sprung up in the lobby of Rabbit Hutch Towers.
What is it? Why is it there? What is it for?

TLOML is on his way home as I type. I will ask him. It's a full time job, explaining American life to me, sometimes.

Me: 'Did you see that thing in the lobby with the trees and the wheelbarrow and the pumpkins? What is it?'
TLOML: 'I didn't even notice' (note to readers - this display is 10 foot tall) 'It must be for Thanksgiving. Harvest! It's harvest time!'

That explains it. Makes an attractive, if selfish, change from those cardboard boxes with felt-tip 'donate tins here' signs on them that decorate lobbies for British harvest festivals I suppose.

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