Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ah, American supermarkets. Here I am again. Thank god, not in a Gristedes. Sadly, not in a Whole Foods either. I'm in a Von's, which is a pretty bogstandard US supermarket. So I know what to expect.

The apples are enormous.
My pen, added for scale
The eggs are stored in a fridge. And most of them are a horrid pearly white.

The steaks are pre-cut to a thickness our old Saltburn butcher would find ridiculous.

And finding sweetcorn without added salt or sugar is the stuff of a madman's dreams. I might need to start shopping at Whole Foods to keep Lady P in the low-crap diet she is used to.

But at least I'll never need to grate my own cheese again.


  1. I would die for a supermarket that grated my cheese! I am constantly grating my own fingers

  2. C- that's what the food processor attachment is for...


  3. Cumulus, FedEx it to me and I'll have them take care of it. R is mistaken, the attachments are purely designed to take up under used back-of-cupboard space.