Monday, February 24, 2014

Mmmm, the smell of fresh Fabuloso in the air

Our new house smells like home, or at least, how our LA home should smell. (Our English homes always smelt of cat, and books, clothes drying on radiators, and baking, but that's a different story).

TLOML tracked down our old cleaners and they are not only still available, they are as incredibly hardworking and detail oriented as we remember. They are three girls who claim to be sisters, which we find unlikely since they are all essentially called Mary. There's Maria, Maribel and Mary. Maybe their parents are really very devoted Catholics. Maybe we lost something in translation. Or maybe they are cousins, or friends, and not actual blood sisters.

Anyway, we call them The Marys. The first day after we reunited with The Marys was a real trip down memory lane. They favour a particularly punchy cleaning fluid called Fabuloso. It's the sort of product that when you smell it, makes you feel like your nostrils have been cleaned. Maybe even part of your brain and ears too. We haven't used it since we left Malibu and were no longer in their care. Now it's back and our little Sugar Cube house smells like the old surf shack in Malibu.

Also an old favourite game can be played again. We used to call it 'Hunt the kettle', because every week they cleaned the kettle and put it in a different cupboard. Now it's not only the kettle we are hunting, but also the tray for Lady P's high chair, and her bibs too.

We are also being reminded, fondly, of the vast quantity of products they use. They go through Fabuloso by the gallon, and miles and miles of paper towel every week. We think of them as really good value, but once you add in the products it would probably be cheaper to pay a Harvard MBA. Still, they are nice girls and they do a good job, and we are very happy to have them back.

It's like the old days back in Malibu only way more fun. Partly because we have more stuff for them to hide. And also because this brick floor is an a*se to clean, and I'm very grateful to have someone do it for me. Fabuloso, indeed.


  1. I like your stories. Don't know why a tale about your cleaners should make me smile but it does. You are a great writer so hurry up and write a book.

  2. Aah thanks Pat! I am too distracted by the blog to write the book but... one day...