Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seven days and counting

Seven days till we move into the Sugar Cube, and counting. Literally.

I am marking off each day that we have to spend in our temporary flat with great delight.

It's not that this is such a terrible place to be. It's in a great location, four blocks from the pier in downtown Hermosa Beach. We can walk to everywhere we want to be from here. The flat is also comfortable and well equipped.

TLOML and I each have our own spaces to work in. They are close enough together that we never have to shout to get one other's attention.
My desk is the table, his is the sofa
And TLOML's office space is conveniently located next to where we park Lady P's buggy, making it handy for a fast getaway for them both.
Yes, that is a Car & Driver you see in TLOML's office lobby

 ...and her buggy is parked up a nice short distance away from her play area, so there's not too far to carry her when we get home.
Note the Fisher Price ipad cover, now filled with a picture torn out of National Geographic. She doesn't know any better.

Practical and useful though it is, there are some drawbacks. For starters, someone is sleeping in what should be our walk-in, forcing us to use our suitcases as wardrobes.
Lady P's little tiny bedroom. Please don't call Social Services.

Also, well, it's not home. We're camping out here - and we'll be camping out in the Sugar Cube too, till our container arrives in March. But that's different. Here we have to put newspaper down when Lady P is eating, so we don't spoil the owner's rug. In the Sugar Cube she can mush all the banana she wants into the brick floor, and we can wipe it clean lovingly, knowing it will be the first of many thousands of times we will wipe that lovely brick floor clean.

Here we have to push the owner's stuff aside, or lift it up out of Lady P's reach, and to make space for ourselves. In the Sugar Cube we will have an awful lot of space and no furniture or tchotchkes and knick knacks to push aside. Instead, we'll have a big blank canvas onto which we can imagine our future. And of course to begin the lengthy debate about where to put the TV. I can't wait.

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