Friday, February 7, 2014

My love/laugh relationship with America

As in, not 'love / hate', but 'love / laugh at'.

There's a lot about America I love.

Like being given a glass of iced water the moment you sit down in a restaurant. Or getting a pickle with a really great sandwich.

Or those lovely mid century civic buildings - like the Hermosa City Hall building, which reminds me of the library and City Hall in Malibu, and is probably an identikit model of hundreds of public buildings across the US.
 And, of course, the abundance of cheap Mexican food.

And then there are the things which make me - and I'm sorry to say it - laugh at America. Laugh, shake my head, even despair a little.

Like the way you write your road signs back-to-front because... why is that? Your people can't read more than one word at a time? You don't know to start at the top and work down, like the rest of the world?
Back me up here, rest of the world, it's weird, isn't it?

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