Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day. If you believe in that nonsense.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are overwhelmed with charming and romantic tokens of affection and that you have been deluged with expressions of devotion by secret admirers.

Oh no, wait! Valentine's Day was invented by the greeting card industry and is absolute bobbins. Only a fool would celebrate such a day.

Or so TLOML has drummed into me. He tells me that true romance goes on for 365 days a year. I have to agree. He's right. And true romance is gestures like bringing an apple when he picks me up at the airport, which is a lot more meaningful than a bunch of red roses on Valentine's Day.

Actually I like chocolates, and soppy cards enough that I'm prepared to turn a blind eye to the commercialised, BS nature of V Day. I almost went out and bought TLOML a card - just because I love him so, and so why not tell him? But no-one wants to be the mug who buys their significant other a Valentine's Day card only to discover they aren't going to reciprocate.

So I restrained myself.

By sheer coincidence, however, I did find this very useful little pot in a local junk store.
What?! It has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. We move into The Sugar Cube House on Sunday and until our shipment arrives we're living off IKEA and Goodwill purchases. A little heart shaped dish will sweeten that pill a bit, that's all.

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