Monday, April 8, 2013

Well, we haven't killed her yet, so...

I've gone all 'hands over ears shouting "la la la I can't hear you la la la" again. A bit like I did at the end of my pregnancy. From lapping up the newborn advice to, frankly, being ungratefully deaf to it.

There's just so much of it about. And again, I solicit it half the time, with all my tweeting and blogging about Lady P. But so much of the advice just seems impossible to follow. Especially the stuff in those goddamn baby books.

The only advice I like are recommendations along the lines of: 'I'd just go with the flow if I were you, you won't kill her' (though as we know, it'd be awfully easy to). I've gone from consulting every baby book available and constantly googling all Lady P's movements and 'symptons' to a rather more laissez faire approach. We recently switched formula, for Lady P's late night top-up feed, based on the fact our nearest supermarket didn't have the brand I had so carefully researched. It's safe to say we're relaxing a little bit here.

I'll leave you with a great example of a piece of baby care advice I am happy to ignore:
A separate baby kettle - because life isn't complicated enough!


  1. Oh god wait until you have to deal with behaviour. Every single journalist who's ever had a child seems to have had the bright idea of writing a book entitled "why it's important to set boundaries"

    the GUILT I felt when my children looked at the boundaries I dutifully set and saw it as a challenge to break them...

  2. Sorry pressed post too soon. What I meant to say was, you're doing the right thing, the sooner you can tune out the idiotic streams of advice the easier life will be longterm!

  3. Funny what big business giving advice is. I think on some level we all want to be told what to do - we buy the books and ask those older & wiser... But when we don't like what we hear - you're right, better to have tuned it out altogether I think.

    Writing this with Lady P sleeping on me in a sling. Despite the many different books I have read on sleep/ nap training! Whatever gets you through the day, I figure.