Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Saltburn Steps

I told you, it's just like a little slice of Los Angeles beach life up here, it really is. Who needs the legendary Santa Monica steps, when we have the Saltburn steps?

The Santa Monica 'stairs' are 189 steep steps running up the side of a sundrenched canyon, overlooking the sparkling Pacific. I haven't counted the Saltburn steps but they too provide a lovely seaview at the top. Unlike the Santa Monica steps, the Saltburn steps are not usually thronged with hardbodies in lycra, stretching ostentiatiously or bounding up them, shiny ponytail swinging with each step. In fact the only other person who appears to run them regularly - according to Strava - is my favourite little sister.
The Santa Monica Steps
The Saltburn Steps
I know all this because I am on a major health kick. The 'just had a baby' excuse won't wash any more, and I miss the ability to wear all the clothes in my wardrobe. I have been not a little shocked by the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on my body, and have found looking in the mirror rather uncomfortable lately. So I'm on it. It's time to shed those pounds before I start shopping in this size.

We're going away for a wedding and a week on a beach in a few days, and that was enough to motivate me to start running up those steps. Sadly I started too late, and won't be back to my former self in time to wear a bikini next week. But if I hit those steps frequently enough when I return, I'll be bikini ready by the time summer hits Saltburn, I hope.

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