Friday, April 5, 2013

Genetic inheritance

Good news! Not only is she incredibly advanced in many ways. Lady P also has royal lobes.

Royal lobes are, according to The (half Korean) Love Of My Life ones where the lobe is separate from the rest of you. Like Buddha, only less exaggerated.

TLOML, whose Korean heritage is a noble one, has them. That's where she gets them from, I suppose.

I, being of sturdy Anglo Saxon stock, have fully attached, serf-like lobes:

Little Lady P is a lucky girl indeed. I hope she picks up his athleticism, spatial reasoning and olive skin too.


  1. lucky lady indeed. Lauren just had extremely hairy ears, oddly hairy, long and dark. Luckily they eventually fell out (the hairs not the ears) as I was starting to lose the battle against the growing urge to pluck them....ouch!

  2. I am checking my earlobes now.

    Both I and my eldest have a little hole in our earlobes - a sort of ragged bit. Comes from the Irish side. Any chance it could mean royalty too?

  3. Ah, Cumulus, the legendary ragged lobe, you are privileged indeed.

    Brie - Don't tell anyone but P's ears are pretty hairy too. I had to take several snaps before I could find one where the light wasn't catching them and making her look like a tiny gorilla