Thursday, April 11, 2013

Farewell Fox Corner, Hello Saltburn

...with your strange and irritating quirks, your excessive rent, and your permanent gloom. (Warning: never rent a north facing flat on a sunny day. Never again will it seem so bright).

And hello Eden Street, with your lovely view of a church.

Behind this church sits a fish and chip shop - one of the top two chippies in Saltburn.
Hello to my little sister, and her twin boys, and her lovely husband. They live at one of the houses on the right of the below picture. We live a bit further along on the left. Convenient.
And hello to this view, which greets me when I push Lady P's chariot around the long way on my walk to the coffee shop:
All things considered, this move was not too painful. And as I hope my snapshots demonstrate, well worth the minor upheaval. It's going to be a lovely summer by the seaside.


  1. Oh it looks wonderful. And to have your sister handy, particularly nice.
    And all within walking distance of a coffeeshop, what more could you ask?

  2. It's pretty idyllic, Cumulus. And that's before the artisan ice cream van that comes up from Whitby with liquorice and toffee flavours starts its summer residency.