Saturday, April 20, 2013

Local hazards

Here's a health and safety poster you don't see in every town. Certainly I've never seen one in London, let alone the States.

This poster is displayed in Saltburn Sainsburys, and flyer versions can be found in quite a few local pubs.

It's a warning about the dangers of having a massive night out and then frying up egg and chips when you get home.

As I said, it's not advice that's needed in New York (why would you drink and fry when you can grab a perfect slice of pizza on your way home?) or Los Angeles ('what's "frying"?'). But up here in God's County the dangers of drinking and frying are very very real. In Saltburn itself all the decent chippies are shut before 9pm, further increasing the risk of a little late night fry up. We consider ourselves duly cautioned.

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