Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walking with the reds

Feeling vaguely gloomy last weekend, I decided to take my mean reds for a walk to the Financial District. For what does any sane person do, when they're feeling a little sorry for themselves? Find someone else to feel sorrier for.

I strolled down Hudson River Park, being overtaken by dozens of New Yorkers on their reguluation runs, cutting inland on Vesey Street to head to the World Trade Center Site. I couldn't find my way to the viewing platform, from which you can see into the construction site. About a year ago TLOML and I stayed in the Hilton which overlooks it, and gazed down, speechless (which is rare) by the scale of it - the size of that great big void. This time, just walking around the hoardings, and looking up at the new 1 WTC (thank goodness they decided against the South Park-esque Freedom Tower), was enough to get a sense of the size of the loss.

Walking is not only a brilliant way to get around NY, and a good way to score points with It is also just perfect thinking-without-thinking, looking around and contemplating, chilling with your ipod time. I wandered home through Tribeca, Soho and the West Village and arrived back 2 hours later feeling thoroughly restored.
The Financial District. Satisfyingly as I imagined.

Dominoes in the doorway to Sushi Hana, Tribeca

Charles Lane, a snicket between Washington Street and the river. Cheered me up no end, since snickets are such a rare sight in NYC.

A good lesson in karma.

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