Monday, June 6, 2011

Everything in America IS bigger

This may become a recurring theme. I've created a new label just in case.

Exhibit A was the Post Office.

Exhibit B: the apple.

Apples in America are like a whole meal in themselves. They are the size of bowling balls, take an hour to eat, and you can't buy more than 4 at a time because they won't fit in your old lady trolley.

Okay, I'm exaggerating for effect. But they are pretty ginormous. Here's a picture of a fuji apple, next to a chapstick, that famous international unit of measure.

Here's a picture of the same apple next to a pair of socks I balled up to be about the size of my favourite English apple, the russet.

And finally, for the American readers who don't believe an apple can be so tiny, here's a picture of an actual English apple - a Cox's - next to an average sized pair of pears. (I think I have found one of the few exceptions to my 'everything is bigger here' rule... pears are the same. Wonder why).

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