Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Harlem Update

TLOML just got to reading my last post and has 3 additions and 2 corrections.

1. A video of Sylvia's, in case you - like us - enjoy watching a large man eat fried chicken:

Brits - Man Vs Food is a show where this dude tours America to take part in eating competitions. Like 'Eat a 12 lb burger and you get a free t-shirt'. He is TLOML's hero.

2. A photo of the vibey atmosphere in the Lenox Lounge's Zebra Room:
That's Sweet Georgia Brown on the left, the crazy Swiss in the middle, and a bunch of Danes on the right. Cringe!

3. Further elaboration on the Swiss dance moves. It was sorta like this:

4. A corrrection: that innuendo-laden singing I mentioned? TLOML says it was rather more direct. These are the lyrics he was thinking of:
'Don't touch my leg, 'cos then you'll wanna touch my thigh
Don't touch my thigh, 'cos you'll wanna touch my cherry pie'
Cherry Pie, by the way, is the name of Sweet Georgia Brown's new album. Presumably it's full of songs about her, um, lady bits.

5. Finally, and most importantly of all, TLOML would like it to be known that he is not a house husband. Although my last post made him sound like one a bit. (But if he were one, he'd be really good at it).

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