Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nuts about nuts

I sloped off work at 3pm today and spent a couple of hours mooching around the shops on Bleeker Street. Then I headed for a pre-dinner cocktail at Bar Pleiades on the Upper East Side. It's not quite what Big Corp are paying me for, but hey, Wondertwin's in town and duty calls. Shopping and sipping duty that is.

Along with our bellinis, the good people of the Pleiades brought a selection of nibbles. Not quite enough to warrant the $20 / drink price tag, but a good effort nonetheless. Some quality kettle chips, a generous serving of good olives, and some rather delicious looking nuts.

I say delicious looking because at first all we could do was look. They were in this little glass fishbowl thing and try as she might the Wondertwin could not get her hands in there.

A failed nut fishing trip for her...

...and for me
Then we realised, like foxes figuring out a puzzle in one of Aesop's Fables, we had to tip the nuts out into a separate dish in order to eat them. No matter how you shake or tilt that little glass fish bowl, the neck of it is so small that you can only get two or three nuts out at a time.

Why make a simple bar snack so hard to consume?

We decided it was to do with nut allergies. This way no-one eats the nuts by mistake. And actually, while they are all cooped up in their little fishbowl, no-one even breathes the nuts in. So no-one can sue the Pleiades for free roaming nut particles endangering their health.

Which just goes to show that America is bonkers.

After our cocktail I headed for dinner with Arthuros and his glamourous wife, who had just completed a three day juice cleanse. She was so glowy and fresh looking from only eating healthy raw stuff I was rather glad those naughty nuts had been hard to get out and a little bit ashamed of all the tilting and shaking we did. Maybe they also make those salty fatty snacks hard to access for those of us who cannot control ourselves.

Which just goes to show that America might be bonkers but it could also be onto something...

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