Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The spoils of love

Married life, happily, continues pretty much in the same vein as pre-married life.

But there's one big exception. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, married life is considerably more comfortable and better equipped.

Now, let me be clear: TLOML and I wed for love. Oh, and the fun of throwing a party for the people we love. But mainly because we wanted to do that thing with the lifelong commitment.

Still, it is rather nice to be given lovely new things for Fox Corner. Especially after moving 4 times in 3 years, with the inevitable 'stuff culls' that take place: we were down to old favourites and absolute essentials only. Frankly, in some areas, we were lacking the basics.
We now have a bistro table and chairs, which we use almost daily. Finally, we're getting some use from the kiwi-encircled patio. We never used to walk up the garden to the big table unless it was for a proper long sit-down meal. Now I sit outside with a cuppa in the morning, or we munch on a kitchen cupboard smorgasbord at lunchtime. Positively life improving.

My first salad spinner! The leaves get so dry, so fast! I love it. With these Tricana anchovies biught on honeymoon in Lisbon (because who doesn't go tinned fish shopping on honeymoon?), and the help of the new Magimix, I made a lovely smooth Caesar dressing in half the time it usually takes. And the scales are so accurate: the set they replaced used to jump up in increments of 4 oz, which is not idea for precision measuring.

And that cute little Denby jug matches our new dinner service. Never again will we suffer the indignity, as we recently did, of having to ask a guest to bring their own plate when they come for dinner (we used to have these lovely, old plates which belonged to my Granny. Alas, there were only 5 dinner plates).

We are now so well equipped in the kitchen, we need never dine out again. And with our new cosy blankets and cushions, the sofa has never looked so inviting. So, married life could get rather dull. But it'll be a very very comfortable rut, I must say.


  1. it's so lovely having wedding gifts like that - we are still using ours 12 years on!

  2. Yes, it's very nice to replace that temporary/cheap/bacholerette stuff with proper stuff - trust it will be with us for many many years to come.