Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saltburn wins! (sort of)

Phew! I was a bit worried there for a while. After all, I love Saltburn, and going up there to hang out with the extended Isadora Watts' family. So I need TLOML to be on board with it.

Fortunately the sun came out and the waves picked up. TLOML surfed three times in two days and had a great time.

Meanwhile I enjoyed the cultural highlights. These include playing in a Thomas the Tank Engine tent with nephews, and watching X Factor with my sister.

But perhaps of more general interest... those crazy Saltburn guerilla knitters are still at it. The book worm outside the library was pretty cute I thought:
And it was nice to see the Olympics display updated with some new athletes:
 Best of all though, the new Prince Harry figure on the Jubilee display at the top of the Cliff Lift:
Picture copied from the Mail which covered the story beautifully. I really must start following the Mail's arts coverage more closely.
All in all we had a fabulous time in Saltburn. Now we're back on the right side of the pond, I'll be making the most of my proximity to my family to make more frequent trips.

So, why the 'sort of'? Well, despite everything being so brilliant in Saltburn, TLOML still thinks that, what with all that year-round sunshine, beautiful coastline, Malibu Seafood and Nobu on hand, Malibu is a nicer place to be. As for me, I have my loyalties, and my preferences, and I will keep them to myself...

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