Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scenes from Kentish Town

The Kentish Town vs Hampstead debate continues to rumble on at Fox Corner, stuck as we are in the hinterland (aka 'Gospel Oak') between the two.

The thing is that, yes, Hampstead has nicer, quieter streets, more beautiful houses, and posher shops. Sure, if you want to shop at Reiss, Zadig and Voltaire, and the Gap, then NW3 is where you want to be.

But Hampstead doesn't have a Blustons. Blustons is a ladieswear shop which has had the same range (and possibly the the same stock) since the 1940s. It's very handy if you want to buy a smart dress, or the latest style of raincoat, or some gloves.
No overclaim here - they only have it 'in most sizes'.

Note my sandals reflected in the window. It is, after all, August. Not really glove season, is it?

'Latest' rain jacket.

Nor, in Hampstead, do you see people like this nice girl, with her moving tribute to her grandfather. In Hampstead when an old man dies, his family hold a lovely service and then go somewhere nice like the Horseshoe or The Wells for a family lunch.

In Kentish Town they go and get tattoos done.

Just keepin' it real.

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