Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brambling, part 1

It was gloriously sunny today and I went blackberrying with my friend the Activist. We went up to Highgate Cemetery (a decaying Victorian graveyard I mentioned in an earlier post). Apparently, that's where the best ones around here are to be had. The Activist always knows these things.

She was right. There were plenty of ripe blackberries, and there'll be plenty more in another month. Well worth the £3 entry charge.
Spooky ghostly gravestone blackberries

Plump and delicious. Well fertilised?

Possibly a little disrespectful: I think there's a gravestone under all that ivy.
TLOML described this activity as 'bizarre' and 'agrarian'. I think sometimes our English lifestyle can be a bit of a stretch for him. We didn't do much in the way of berry picking in Malibu or in New York, that's for sure. Still, he was impressed by my little harvest . Despite describing them as 'too small', he did concede there were a lot of them and they were delicious.


  1. The fruit in Highgate cemetery is well known for have plenty of body in it.