Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saltburn vs Malibu

16 months after we left, TLOML and I still miss Malibu. We miss our good friends there, of course. But our good friends in London are an excellent  source of consolation. However Malibu has some stuff that London just, well, doesn't. Things like reliable sunshine, walks on the beach, and sunset beers on the deck. And surf.

Luckily for TLOML my favourite little sister lives in a charming little seaside town with a gentle beach break, just a couple of hours on the train from London. My parents live nearby, and if my sisters co-ordinate we can create a weekend full of niece-and-nephew chaos. There's nothing like the sight of 5 small cousins making merry to put thoughts of sunny California far from my mind.

So we headed up to Saltburn for a long weekend of sun, surf, and family fun. And here's how we're getting on:

1. Sun. Mostly absent. When it does appear, weak and fleeting.

2. Surf. Totally absent so far. The North Sea is as flat as a pancake from South Gare to Staithes. And something tells me TLOML won't be appeased with more traditional seaside pursuits like donkey rides and Punch & Judy.
Yes, kids still go on donkey rides on the beach here
And Punch & Judy put on a show too.
3. Family fun. Well, one out of three aint bad, is it? The garden Olympics staged by my nieces and nephews (who range in age from 20 months to 7 years) was outstanding, with the running backwards race a particular highlight. Hanging out with the grown ups - while the kids host themselves a tea party involving sugar lumps and water - has been very nice indeed.

So, on reflection, I think I'd take a grey weekend with the family in Saltburn over the glories of Malibu. A little surf or a few rays of sun are all that's needed to bring TLOML round to my way of thinking...


  1. I'm feeling sorry for TLOML here!

  2. I know, it's a hard transition. Still, it'll toughen him up a bit.