Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A return trip gives pause for thought

Every now and again someone asks me 'Do you miss anything about the States?'. 'Not much, besides the beach in Malibu, of course, but I've been missing that for a year already,' I say. 'Nope, the only thing I really miss is the people'. By 'the people', I don't mind all the people of the USA. I mean the friends I made there, and the family I got to know. I miss those guys, of course.

But I didn't think I was missing anything else particularly.

This weekend in New York I realised I'd been lying to myself. I do miss some things. Namely:
  1. The food. That Smith and Mills burger. Fresh, plump oysters at a price that didn't put me off my dinner.  And brunch, glorious brunch. I'd gladly trade the Full English for a lifetime of pancakes, and Cookshop's dandelion and egg salad.
  2. Cocktails, and table service. We had a drink at Bar Pleiades on the Upper East Side, which is one of my favourite bars in Manhattan, and it made me wistful for fabulously well-crafted cocktails, gracefully served. Mind you, it really isn't fair to compare a fancy hotel bar with our local Kentish Town boozer. If I want a posh cocktail in London I could go to a fancy hotel bar here. We just don't do that sort of thing here as much. Hmmm... new resolution: go to more fancy hotel bars in London. Zetter Townhouse is going to get to know us pretty well, I think.
  3. A walk-in mani-pedi for $33. My Kentish Town mani costs more, takes longer, and actually isn't quite as good.

Strangely, I feel better having realised that I felt this way. There was something a bit cold-hearted of me, leaving that wonderful country behind with barely a shrug. Like the whole experience was wasted on me somehow.

America wasn't wasted on me! I do miss it! I suspect the list of 'things I miss' will grow, as time goes by. For now though, I'm happy to be back in rainy old London.

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