Monday, May 21, 2012

Cat face off

No, not a movie in which a cat has a face transplant to hide his real identity. Rather, what happens when you install one big dopey cat in a place where other cats have previously roamed free.

This is Catkin, from next door. In our garden. He looks pretty relaxed, doesn't he? He may be under the illusion that Fox Corner is his land.

Ah, Fox Corner, my own personal napping ground
This is Catkin at the catflap that - until we installed this microchip one - he used to pass through to come and hang out in Fox Corner.
Hello! It's me, Catkin! Let me in!
This is Jack, staring Catkin down, safe in the knowledge that no other cats can gain interest to his kingdom. Victory!
Not today thank you.

 The investment and the faffing for that fancy catflap were definitely worth it.


  1. heh heh - a feline cape fear with catkin as max cady

  2. Yes, a Max Cady who rolls on his back and begs to have his tummy scratched when challenged. Jack is not losing any sleep over him...