Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a regular weekend in New York

TLOML returned to New York this weekend, for the wedding of an old college friend to a brilliant girl who happens to be Greek: cue, awesome wedding. A beautiful, if baffling, service and an absolute blast of a party afterwards, with plenty of good dancing - of the Greek and non-Greek varieties.

We were only in town from Friday afternoon till Sunday night but I think it's fair to say we made the most of it, and packed in some quintessential New York experiences.

Within an hour of landing I was enjoying a quality mani-pedi with the much-missed New New Yorker. TLOML was eating a slice of pizza nearby, obvs. Later that day I saw a couple of frazzled Manhattanites get into a chest-shoving 'you talking at me?' 'I had the light, man! I had the light!' fight on 5th Avenue. Coffee and bagels featured, as did several white knuckle yellow cab rides, naturally.

On Saturday we had a lovely brunch with more much-missed New York friends, at an old Chelsea hang out of ours. We walked on the High Line and mooched around the West Village. I bought Nars and Bobbi Brown bargains at Sephora. We caught up with our favourite New Yorker over rose and oysters in Tribeca. All in all, I'd say we covered all the required NY bases.

Oh, and we saw a goat wandering along 23rd Street. That's right, a goat. Sauntering past Duane Reade as if it was the most natural place in the world to be. What's funniest about that is that no-one else was paying it a blind bit of notice.

Only in New York, I guess.


  1. 'baffling' - certainly not the first greek wedding you've been to luv

  2. I know - fond memories of your wedding when they did the bit with the crowns and the trooping round the altar. Still baffling though...