Thursday, May 17, 2012

A homecoming for Jack

Phase 2.5 is complete. My cat has been reinstalled in my home.
On arrival, a bit freaked out, Jack headed for high ground. Smart cat.
Jack is a great big fat lazy cat. He doesn't like to sit on my lap, preferring instead the company of men. He mainly ignores me, except when he is yowling for food. He brings in half-dead mice and birds - I think because he can't be bothered to finish the job.

Still, I love him. He is a cool cat. He lets me pick him up and bury my face in his tummy. I missed that when I was in the US. During that time, my friend the Activist took very good care of him - but fortunately for me, she was happy to give him back on my return. Lucky old Jack gets to move into Fox Corner, which is a paradise for birds, mice, and those who like to hunt them.

TLOML likes Jack. But he also likes his favourite, custom-made leather chair - and is not ready to have it 'distressed' by Jack's claws. So we had to buy a screen to prevent Jack from having unsupervised access to the living room.

I also re-covered an old chair - using instructions from the Activist's book on refurbishing old things - with hessian. This is the decoy scratching chair. Jack may be the only cat in the world who has a custom-made chair: he is even fancier than TLOML.
The project..

Happily the book was written about this very chair, which made the instructions easier to follow

Jack's special chair

Becuase of all the cats in the neighbourhood, we installed a special micro-chip cat flap. It costs a fortune but will only let Jack in. It didn't fit right into the existing cat flap hole, so our friend the cabinet maker built a beautiful mid-century modern mount for it.
A cat who is not Jack, on our roof. Jack is not going to like sharing.
In summary, moving Jack in has been almost as much work as moving ourselves in. But it was all worthwhile.

Having said that, he's been with us for 5 days now, and hasn't so much as sniffed at that special chair. Ungrateful cat!

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