Friday, May 18, 2012

Eating as a family

I pretty much lived in TLOML's pocket in the US. The friends I made were through him, and I didn't really bother to cultivate an independent social life. Why would I, when his was so fun and so easy to slot into? That fact, and the fact that we worked from home, meant we ate 99 out of 100 meals together.

This is a very nice way to live. However it is also very easy way to gain weight. He eats more than me, and I cater for his appetitie. Then I help him eat all the army-sized meal I made.

Already in London that pattern is changing. In addition to our mutual friends, our social lives have dimensions that keep us a little independent. A couple of weeks ago I went to the theatre with a girlfriend, without TLOML. Last week he hung out with an old friend at a sailing club, without me. Yes, I missed him. But it is nice to have the odd meal on my own. It frees me up to have a nice spinsterish dinner of cornflakes, or pilchards on toast. Something I couldn't get away with serving TLOML on a night in.

The other night we had a rapid TV dinner of leftover soup. This photo shows why it is good for us to eat separately once in a while:
My bowl's on the left

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  1. Yes absolutely! I would be svelte, gloriously skinny, if only i lived on my own...