Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ham and cheese

There's jamon y queso:
There's ham...

...and cheese:

There's jambon.... fromage:

And then there's American ham and cheese:
In case you can't read the label, you have the option of Yellow American Cheese or White American Cheese. So hard to choose!

Just one question. What kind of pig is so big it can render a piece of ham that is this large (it's about a foot long), in a perfect oblong shape? Quite convenient for stacking, the Europeans are missing a trick here.

(I know, it's not a fair comparison. We had some excellent American hams at Hog and Rocks a few months ago. The aged ham from Kentucky was delicious and not remotely oblong. But when I see monolithic foodstuffs like this I just can't resist posting...)


  1. As an American transplanted to Europe, I am willing to admit that our (processed) meat and cheese products just do not stack up to their European counterparts. Although, there is at least one restaurant in London that has gone out of its way to get Kraft singles for their burgers. Sweet nostalgia.

  2. I love those jaunty orange Kraft slices! But Dairylea triangles take the prize for me every time.