Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adieu Heidi, gone but not forgotten

Our slow but inexorable move East continues. And so, the shedding of stuff goes on.

When we left Malibu we jettisoned some belongings which just didn't make sense outside of the Malibu beach life. The Weber grill, for example. Apparently Rabbit Hutch Towers frown on indoor barbecues. And TLOML's fun, foamy longboard. The Subaru, so handy for TLOML's dive gear, surfboards, or a big shop at Ralph's, was sold to a kid who likes fishing. And the pizza stone and paddle were bequeathed to The Euro, for we would have no need to make our own pizzas in New York City.

A softer line was taken on items with limited practical value but which, frankly, we love enough to have constructed elaborate fantasies about how useful they will be. The 6'5" Becker old school fish I gave TLOML for Christmas, for example, was referred to in many conversations about surfing on Long Island this summer.

And Heidi. Ah, Heidi, the true love of TLOML's life, in all her late 80s, aircooled splendour, with her cute bug eye headlamps and flashy whale tail spoiler. Heidi was made for Malibu: cruising along PCH with the afore-mentioned surfboard sticking out of her back seat; parking up outside Nobu next to 3 other black 911s and deciding she was the prettiest; carving up the canyon roads with a blissfully happy TLOML at the wheel. Those were her glory days.
Heid at her finest, on PCH

We had visions of cruising out to the Hamptons, or into New England, with Heidi a lot this summer. But aside from a weekend in Remsenburg, and one in Newport, RI, she has spent her summer languishing in a multistory carpark just north of Times Square. It's no life for a fun loving girl like Heidi. And yes, I know it's weird that I talk about a car as if it's a woman, but spend five minutes with her and TLOML and he'll infect you the same way.

Heidi in the Hamptons. It aint Malibu.

Not only has she had a pretty lacklustre summer, but things are about to get worse. Keeping our beloved Heidi in a city where there is only street parking, and we'll be getting the bus or walking everywhere? No, London is no place for her.

So this weekend we took a sad drive to Syosset, where beautiful cars go to find new homes. We hope she finds an owner who will treasure her and take her out for fun drives often. Or at least, that the profit TLOML has made thanks to the appreciation in value of rare 80s 911s will take the edge off the pain...

I miss her already.