Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baseball cap essentials

Yesterday I went for a run in the rain (tch! New York in the fall... not quite what we were promised). I wore my favourite Nobu Malibu baseball cap, and TLOML objected that I would sweat into it.

'No problem', I said, 'I'll stick it in the wash.'

'You can't!' He remonstrated. 'We don't have a baseball cap washer.'

Obviously I took it to be a joke, and laughed my silly head off. 'Surely there's no such thing?'

Oh, yes there is.
Talk about a niche item. It's a product you'd never imagine existed till you had that very specific need. I couldn't see the guys on Dragon's Den investing in a business that made these things. But perhaps the US version, Shark Tank, would (or did), since there's clearly a market for them, here in the land of the baseball cap.

When I first moved in with TLOML and commandeered half his closet, I made a couple of trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond for coathangers. It was there that I first encountered the baseball cap rack.
I chuckled. 'Who on earth has 18 baseball caps?' I mused. Maybe Tiger Woods does, but I'm guessing he has a fancy closet with baseball cap-sized shelves for them. Anyway, like the cap shaper, there's a market, so I guess there are a lot of people in this country with 18 baseball caps.

TLOML and I have just the two caps between us. Which suggests he may not be a true American, and I certainly am some way off full assimilation.

Come to think of it, they are kinda beaten up. Maybe we need a cap washer and a (mini) cap rack after all.

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  1. In the south the men each own dozens of baseball caps. I promise...