Friday, September 23, 2011

Adventures in the mayo aisle

The excellent Euro, with her eyes always alive to ridiculous food stuffs, sent me a photo of this nonsense, spotted on the aisles of the big Whole Foods in Venice, LA.

I see your vegenaise, Ms Hemingway, and I raise you some bacon.

That's right, baconnaise. A filthy tryst between mayo and bacon. (At least they have the decency to keep a double 'n' in the spelling - I winced a lot more typing 'vegenaise'.)
I came across this bobbins in the mayo aisle of Gristedes, our nearest supermarket. Gristedes should be famous for being the supermarket Patti Smith stole steaks from when she was a starving artist living in Chelsea in the 70s. Instead it is better known for brazenly selling fruit and veg which are already mouldy. There's often a nutter wandering around in there shouting to themselves too. Actually, the Gristedes Megastore sometimes has two nutters, I suppose on account of its larger size.

So what was I doing wandering the mayo aisle of Gristedes? Looking for rouille, for that night's bouillabaisse. (Just buttering TLOML up so he missed me even more as I went on my Geek world tour). Not tempted by the baconnaise, I went home and made my own rouille.

When will I learn? Almost two years of living here and I'm still optimistic about finding slightly obscure gourmet French foodstuffs in my local supermarket.

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  1. PS Just walked past Gristedes on our way to Whole Foods (TLOML is making his seared tuna with soba noodles & scallions tonight, and insists on only the finest ingredients). A man who I suspect may be homeless had pulled down his trousers and was wazzing in the street. Todger out in the middle of the street, in the middle of the afternoon. On his way to or from Gristedes, naturally!