Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On babies and punctuality

I stopped work at 38 weeks, which is just two weeks before the baby is due. I figured if she comes on time, two weeks will be plenty of time to relax and prepare. Especially if I spent my last month at work mainly resting while working from home. Which I did.

Plus, people always tell you that first babies are always late.

And yet... some instinct inside me insisted she might come early. Hence our state of extreme overpreparedness: the bag has been packed for weeks, I avoid going South of the river for fear of being stranded in labour, and we are careful to ensure it's never been more than a week since our last date. Oh, and that we are never low on milk or bread.

In fact although first babies are more likely to be late than second babies, they are still predisposed to arriving a smidge ahead of their due date (week 40). Find the stats here, in this fascinating blog. To save you the detailed read, here's a chart I pilfered from it.
Courtesy of Probably Overthinking It by Allen Downey
The chances of a baby - firstborn or otherwise - arriving in week 39 is higher than in any other week.

TLOML's attitude is that since she has a date scheduled, she should just arrive on that date. He's a stickler for punctuality.

Personally, I think it would show a certain proactiveness if she arrived, say, a day early. But please, no sooner. I'm due a few more days of Special Time yet.

One thing neither of us will countenance is a late baby. There's only so long we can maintain this state of high alert and constant readiness.

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