Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grand Romantic Gestures

I don't know why on earth the British have a reputation for being stuffy, unemotional, or unexpressive. But apparently - according to TLOML and other Americans - it is so.

Proof of the Brit's ability to make a grand romantic gesture can be found at our local Marks & Spencer.
Because nothing says romance like a garlicky breaded chicken fillet.

One aspect of our international reputation that is, perhaps, well earned, is that of a nation of animal lovers.The dog crazed men of Chelsea aren't the only ones who think it's nice to get their pet a Valentine's Day gift.
I like the slightly bitter tone of this email: the references to 'underappreciated' flowers, and the companion who 'will never let you down'. Sadly for me and TLOML, the animal in our life is thoroughly underappreciative. He yowls for food day and night, only pausing to eat or sleep. And his efforts on the new exercise routine have been disappointing: 'let down' doesn't even cover it.

So I guess we'll just have to save our romantic gestures for one another. I'm off to M&S to buy a chicken parmo.

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