Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Time

Today I entered Special Time. Special Time is a concept, or a practice, we were introduced to at that brilliant Active Birth class. It is the weeks before birth, when the expectant mother simply rests, indulges herself, and stays calm and peaceful, ready for the trials of labour.

So far, I like it a lot.

In Special Time there is plenty of time for sleeping, and for gentle exercise. I can bake to my nesting heart's content. Plus I get to dedicate a couple of hours to important matters like Pinteresting celebrities wearing bad - or good - maternity outfits, Twittering about pregnancy stuff, and surfing What to Expect. Oh, and writing.

(I'm working on a writing project to do with pregnancy, so my interest is strictly professional. And by the way, that's why I've been so socially media active lately, and why the blog is almost entirely pregnancy focussed these days. I'd like to say that normal transatlantic service will resume soon, but to be honest, this whole baby thing is quite absorbing, so I think it will continue to dominate my posts.)

Anyway, in addition to all this productivity, I also have time to indulge myself. Today, for example, I had a long hot bath, listening to my birth playlist and thinking happy thoughts. After my bath I put in a solid hour napping. I awoke to the smell of the delicious Colombian soup TLOML was cooking up for our dinner. All that on top of a decent walk, a dozen Tweets, and a couple of episodes of 30 Rock.

Bath time (melting bath cupcake courtesy of Babes with Babies)
Nap time

Dinner time (courtesy of TLOML)

Because I only began my maternity leave two weeks before my due date, I reduced the amount of time available for Special Time considerably. I now think that was plain stupid. So while most women at 38 or 39 weeks pregnant are eagerly drinking raspberry leaf tea and eating curries, I am stroking my belly whispering 'stay in, stay in' and hoping for a good stretch of Special Time before the noise machine is born.

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